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Ruth & Jack

Mom is a Blenheim Cavalier and Dad is an Apricot Mini Poodle (born Dec.11th). These sweet pups are chosen by order of deposits received. Deposits are $250, which goes towards the purchase price of $1800.



If you are interested in making a deposit, please Contact Us or view more photos on Facebook. For more information, be sure to check out our FAQ.  

Meet the Parents

Mom: Ruth

Ruth is an AKC Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She was born and raised here, as was her mother and grandmother. Ruth has been tested for diseases in her breed and she has her eye, heart, patella and hip OFA certifications.

Dad: Jack

Jack is a young mini poodle. He's around 12 lbs. He's been tested for diseases in his breed.

"They are one of the only breeders who offer a 2 yr health guarantee...aside from the fact they breed the cutest pups. Our Cavapoo, Grommit is from BPF and is now 5 yrs old. He’s very smart, loving and playful. Many people think he’s still a pup. Thank you BPF!" - Kim Hosozawa, July 2019