Anastasia & Homer

Anastasia and Homer have 4 darling cavalier puppies. They have 3 Ruby boys and 1 Blenheim boy . These pups were born on 08-11-21 and will be ready to go on 10-06-21. Mom is about 15 pounds and Dad is about 20 pounds. They are $2500 and may be spoken for by our current deposit list. Contact us for more information on how to get on our deposit list! 

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***Only the puppy with the orange ribbon, green ribbon, and the puppy with the turquoise ribbon are available for adoption***

Meet the Parents

Mom: Anastasia
Anastasia is a beautiful Black and Tan Cavalier. She is laid back and very sweet!  She has been DNA tested for the diseases in her breed.

Dad: Homer
Homer is an AKC Blenheim Cavalier. He is a beautiful, sweet boy that is always happy to see you! 
Homer has been tested for the diseases of his breed and he has his eye, hip, and patella OFA certificates.