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Anastasia & Byron

Anastasia and Byron have 1 beautiful AKC Cavalier Black and Tan male available. He was born on 02-17-23 and is ready to go now. He is $2500, which includes a non-refundable $250 deposit. Mom is 15.5 pounds and Dad is 18.7 pounds. Contact us for more information on how to put your deposit down! 



Meet the Parents


Mom: Anastasia
Anastasia is an AKC Black and Tan Cavalier. She is a sweet girl that loves to be right with you. She has been DNA tested for the diseases in her breed and she has her eye, heart, and knee OFA certificates


Dad: Byron
Byron is an AKC Ruby Cavalier.  He is a super sweet boy! He has been tested for the diseases of his breed and he has his OFA certifications for his eyes, knees, and heart.

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