Tallulah & Sterling

Tallulah and Sterling  have 3 beautiful Cavapoos.  There are 2  boys; 1 Blue Merle and 1 Cream and White, and 1 Blue Merle girl. These pups were born on 03-25-21 and will be ready to go on 05-20-21. They will all be spoken for by our current deposit list. 

Meet the Parents

Mom: Talullah

Tallulah is a 3rd Generation Black Powder Farm Tri-Colored Cavalier. She is adventurous, fun, but loves to be in your lap! She has been DNA tested for the diseases in her breed and she also has her eye, heart, knee, legg-calve perthes, and hip OFA certificates.

Dad: Sterling

Sterling is a Blue Merle Parti Toy Poodle. We love how much he loves us and he is such a beautiful boy! He has been tested for the diseases in his breed.

Lynn and Greg Stewart

Black Powder Farm

Fordland, MO 65652


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