Upcoming Litters


* Linsey & Homer

Mom is an Apricot Mini Poodle and Dad is a Blenheim Cavalier (Due by the end of November)


* Cinnamon & Fenimore

Mom is a Red Toy Poodle  and Dad is a Tri-Colored Cavalier (Due the beginning of December)

* Chiffon & Dash

Mom is a Cream Toy Poodle  and Dad is a Black and Tan Cavalier (Due the beginning of December)

* Duchess & Archie

Mom is a Blenheim Cavalier and Dad is a Red Toy Poodle (Due in the first part of December)

* Gingham & Homer

Mom is a Black and White Parti Toy Poodle and Dad is a Blenheim Cavalier (Due the end of December)

* Belle & Jack

Mom is a Ruby Cavalier and Dad is an Apricot Mini Poodle (Due the end of December)



* Penny & Byron

Both Mom and Dad are Ruby Cavaliers (Due the beginning of December)

* Fiona & Byron

Mom is a Blenheim Cavalier and Dad is a Ruby Cavalier (Due by the end of  December)

* Esther & Byron

Mom is a Blenheim Cavalier and Dad is a Ruby Cavalier (Due by the end of December)


Toy Poodles

* Tilly & Sterling

Mom is a Cream Toy Poodle and Dad is a Blue Merle Parti Toy Poodle (Due the beginning of December)

Lynn and Greg Stewart

Black Powder Farm

Fordland, MO 65652


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