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About Us

In 2005, Lynn was working as a Pharmaceutical Chemist and Greg as an Aviation Engineer in Wichita, KS. That was the year our first child was born and Lynn made the decision to stay at home with her. Our love of dogs, particularly our Rhodesian Ridgeback, Annie, prompted us to look into raising them. It was a good way for Lynn to stay at home and put the Animal Science portion of her degree to work. In 2007 we moved from our 3 acres in Wichita, to 40 acres near Elk City, KS. We soon were raising Cavaliers and Cavapoos and we grew from there. In 2020, the pandemic had us moving again, to be near family out side of Springfield, MO. We have come to love and appreciate each of our breeds and dogs in ways we never could have imagined. We so enjoy the opportunity to raise quality puppies and to help people find the puppy and the breed that is right for you.We will never push you to purchase a dog and if we feel that we don't have the right one for you, we will let you know rather than match you with a puppy that isn't right for you.

We now have three children and we find that kids, acres and puppies are a great combination! We fully stand behind all our puppies and we are available to answer questions and help you out for the life of your dog! We are always happy to answer your questions, whether or not you get your puppy from us!

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