Cavalier Deposit List

Facebook got rid of it's notes section and with it, my deposit list, so I'm having to recreate this. Please message me if you notice errors. It will take me a little time to go through everything to update it.

  1.  Schmandt, breeding quality female,clear ruby or blenheim, check 02-28-19,

  2. Cordell, Pet quality Black and Tan Cavalier girl, mailed check 10-7-19,

  3.  Carr, pet quality tri male, PP 2-28-20

  4.  Poll, unrelated blenheim female, PP deposit 3-01-20

  5.  Steckley, breeding quality tri female, not related to Dora/Homer, ND

  6.  Osbourn--Tri female, PP 4-11-20

  7.  Cowan--two puppies, female and male (wait for 2021 or later), Venmo 4-21-20

  8. Hegler (Rose)--female, blenheim, Duchess or Dora, Venmo 4-30-20

  9.  Valdez--2 females, breeding quality, ND blenheim or tri

  10. Dunham--female, blenheim, 7-22-20

  11. Meyer--male 1st, ruby, pet, 8-6-20

  12. Carlson--either sex, parti, on Cavapoo list, 8-20-20

  13. Adkins--either sex, Black/Tan, pet, PP 8-23-20

  14. Morrow--female, also on Cavapoo list Venmo 8-23-20

  15. Hearn--male, 2nd pup, open to colors, PP 10-7-20

  16. Linear--male/female, any color, pet quality, Zelle 10-15-20

  17. Sturgeon--male, lighter color, (On Cavapoo list too), Venmo 11-28-20, Bennington, NE

Lynn and Greg Stewart

Black Powder Farm

Fordland, MO 65652


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