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Cavalier Deposit List

This is our current deposit list. A deposit is $250, is non-refundable and goes towards the purchase price. Puppies are chosen in order of deposits received, with the exception that breeders get first choice since there isn't always a breeding quality pup in every litter.  When it's your turn you can pick, or pass and wait till the color/sex you want comes along. 

  1. Kozlosky--breeding quality, Tri female, check 4-19-22, Stella, MO

  2. Valdez--2 breeding quality females, blenheim/tri, ND, CA

  3. Fulkerson--female, breeding quality, clear Tri, MO, PP 2-2-22

  4. Kiess--female, breeding quality, black/tan?, second pup, Venmo 7-10-23, Atkins, IA

  5. S. James--female, ruby, Venmo 11-22-23, Booker, TX

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