Cavalier Deposit List

This is our current deposit list. A deposit is $250, is non-refundable and goes towards the purchase price. Puppies are chosen in order of deposits received, with the exception that breeders get first choice since there isn't always a breeding quality pup in every litter.  When it's your turn you can pick, or pass and wait till the color/sex you want comes along. 

  1.  Schmandt, breeding quality female,clear ruby or blenheim, check 02-28-19, *

  2. Turpin--breeding quality tri male, trade, ID--Evie's Purple Tri Girl, Eileen

  3.  Carr, pet quality tri male, will tell me when ready, PP 2-28-20*

  4.  Poll, unrelated (Anastasia/Byron) ND, open to options*

  5. Valdez--2 breeding quality females, blenheim/tri, ND, CA*

  6. DeWild--breeding quality female, 2nd pup, Venmo 2-23-21*

  7.  Steckley, breeding quality tri female, not related to Dora/Homer, ND*

  8.  Osbourn--Tri female, July/Aug. 2021, PP 4-11-20*

  9. Carlson--either sex, parti, on Cavapoo list, June 2021, 8-20-20--on hold till 2022*

  10. Engel--open on color/sex (on Cav list too), Venmo 12-16-20, Shawnee, KS--Evie's Blenheim Girl, Emily

  11. Bryce--B/T or ruby breeding quality female, PP 3-18-21, West Plains, MO--Evie's Green Boy, Evan.

  12. Neubert--clear male, or breeding quality female, 2nd pup, ND*

  13. Benoit--female, open to colors, Venmo 5-17-21, Inman, KS--Evie's Pink Tri Girl, Evangeline

  14. Conlin--female 1st, pet, tri, b&t 1st, Venmo 6-12-21, Wellesley, MA--Evie's Dark Blue Boy, Edmund

  15. Kendrick--female, black and tan, pet, Venmo 6-13-21*

  16. Greene--breeding quality ruby female, 3rd pup, ND, Lousianna*

  17. Cowan--pet quality tri female, 2nd pup, Venmo 6-24-21, Lenexa, KS

  18. Hogle--pet quality, tri color male, mailed check, 6-28-21. Leawood, KS--Evie's Orange Blenheim Boy, Ethan

  19. J.Funk--pet quality, b/t or tri, either sex,PP 7-9-21, Lawrence, KS

  20. Flora--breeding quality tri female, Venmo 7-19-21, Modesto, CA