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Canine Care and Comfort

From walks to naps; from supper time to bath time; you want to have the best equipment to fit your dog's needs.  Choosing the right products is not always easy with so many choices out there. At Black Powder Farm we have had a lot of opportunities to put these products through some serious doggy testing, and we are happy to share the brands and items that we use and love.

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If your dog is a food enthusiast  you may find that they scarf down their chow too quickly. This bowl will help them slow down and actually have time to properly digest, which will reduce regurgitation and improve their health.  We also like that the heavy ceramic is hard to tip and easy to clean. 

If you love to allow your pampered pooch on the furniture but don't want to worry about accidents, scratches, or even just the dirt or hair that your pet may leave behind, this is the throw for you. At Black Powder, we use our Paw Brand blankets for our mommy/puppy photo shoots, playtime, family puppy visits, and many other uses and we love that they continue to look great even after tons of trips through the laundry.

At Black Powder Farms we go through a lot of dog food and a we know how important it is to have a brand that we can trust to provide high quality nutrition. We are consistently happy with the ingredient list, the protein content, and the very reasonable price.  Our doggies give this Chicken and Rice Formula the tail wag of approval.

A good collar is obviously a pet essential: for wearing their pet identification and for taking walks.  As your pup outgrows that collar that we send them home with, you will need to choose the right wearable accessary.  Whether you lean toward something fun and flowery or a more understated pattern, these Wolfgang collars are sturdy, safe, and comfortable.

Canines seem to have perfected the art of finding comfortable places to snooze. Having a good bed that can fit in their crate insures a perfect cozy sleep for your pup even when you are away and you don't want them on your bed. This bed comes in many sizes so you can choose the right one to fit your crate. The washability and dryer friendly aspect of this bed makes it easy to keep clean.

The word "walk" will quickly becomes one of your dog's favorite words. The very sight of the leash can send them into a frenzy of tail wagging excitement.  Walk time is doggy/human bonding time, a chance to explore  the world and get exercise .  So, if you ever think about underestimating the value of a good leash, just ask your pup to set your straight.  Again, we like Wolfgang leashes for their expressive patterns and quality construction.

Although in a perfect world we would never have to leave our furry friends at home for hours without us, reality often requires it.  This crate can be a safe and comfortable place for them to snooze the day away as they await your return.  It is important to give your dog a large enough crate for them to have room to sleep on a comfy bed, drink water, and even play with a toy or two.

Not every aspect of pet ownership is glamorous. Picking up the after our dogs is one of those things: not fun, but necessary. It is always helpful to have good poop bags on hand on a walk, a drive, or even for cleaning up in your back yard. We like these sturdy, leak proof  Earth Rated bags that are made of recycled plastic.

We adore our pups, and we love their kisses but we don't always love their doggy breath. Bad breath is often a sign that your dog's teeth can use a little attention. This TropiClean spray is an easy, fast, and effective way to help their dental hygiene and improve the sweetness of those kisses. It's also recommended by our vet!

To keep your sweet little pup looking sharp, we recommend having the tools of the trade on hand. Even if you aren't wanting to do all your grooming at home this wonderful kit allows you to do a quick touch up in between trips to the groomer. At Black Powder Farm, we like the We Love Doodles brand products because they work well with curly or wavy haired dogs and they hold up to plenty of use. 

Our dogs quickly become a member of the family and sometimes that means getting to take them along on trips. Whether it is a trip to the vet or a flight across the country, we recommend the Sherpa Original Carrier. This pet carrier is soft, light, sturdy, and comfortable for you pup. We recommend these carriers at Black Powder when our pups have a long way to travel to their new homes, and we keep one on hand to check fit.

Is there anything better than cuddles with your  fresh smelling, soft, and clean doggy  after they had a good bath?  We wash a lot of dogs here at the farm and we like the Hartz shampoos because they do a great job for a great price. This shampoo will have your dog looking bright and clean without being harsh on their skin and hair.

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