Cavapoo Deposit List

We will keep our up to date deposit list here so you can see who might be ahead of you and what they may be hoping for. Remember, no one is locked in to a certain litter, color or sex. Order of deposit takes precedence, though I do reserve the right to put breeders to the top since they have more specific requirements to meet. We go through the deposit list for each litter when they are 5-6 weeks old, after their first vet check. When it is your turn, you are able to choose from what is available, or wait for another litter. If you choose to pass and wait, you will remain on the list, and move up as people ahead of you choose a puppy. When someone chooses a puppy, I will put that in Bold behind their name, so you can see which pups have been chosen. They will stay on the list until around the time they leave for new homes, and then be removed.

  1. A. Pennington--female, red/white, Will tell me when ready, PP 05-14-20

  2. Bullock--red litters, After Christmas, PP 2/19/20 *

  3. Skaggs--female, cream/white, Hollie? Venmo 5-06-20*

  4. Hillenbrand--female, red, Feb. litters, PP 05-12-20*

  5. Nutik--female, cream/white, Hollie's litter?, Zelle 05-28-20*

  6. Alpert--female, red, small, NY/NY, PP 05-28-20--Pepper's Girl

  7. Birtz-Sisson--male, F1b, June 2021 litters, PP 05-29-20*

  8. Woitaszewski--female, red/apricot, Nov. litters, Venmo 06-01-20*

  9. Bramley--female, 2 pups, red parti colors, Sept. Oct. Nov. litters, Zelle, 06-02-20*

  10. Hughes (Patterson)--female, red/apricot, Spring 2021 litters, Venmo 06-03-20*

  11. Wilkins--female, red, Fall litters, Venmo 06-03-20*

  12. Taddeo--female, red/apricot/merle, parti, PP 06-04-20*

  13. Becker--either sex, red, (2nd pup), Venmo --06-06-20*

  14. McCain--solid red female, Venmo 06-09-20*

  15. Selman--female 1st, parti, Hollie/Linsey, Venmo 06-11-20* 

  16. Evers--female, red/white*

  17. Schmaltz--male, PP 7-20-20--Menlo Park, CA Pepper's Cotton Candy, Blue

  18. Navab--either sex, red, Venmo 8-3-20, NY--Pepper's Boy 2, Carmel

  19. Kelley--female, red, Venmo x2, 8-3-20*

  20. Myers--male, red, May/June 2021 PP 8-4-20*

  21. N. Parikh--male, open to colors, Venmo 8-5-20*

  22. Sauer--2nd pup, open to options, Venmo 8-7-20*

  23. W. Carter--female, Parti color, PP 8-12-20, Denver, CO*

  24. Henderson--red/apricot, take home around June 2021, Venmo 8-13-20, Ankeny, IA*

  25. Duara B.--female, red, curly, small, Zelle 8-13-20, LA, CA*

  26. Madjid--male, red, Venmo 8-13-20, Tulsa, OK--Pepper's Red Hot Boy

  27. Grupe--male, open to colors (not black), larger, Zelle,8-13-20, Medford, OR

  28. Shaw--female, red/apricot, Venmo 8-15-20, Lincoln, NE*

  29. Cavalli--female, red parti, PP 8-15-20, Portland, OR--Pepper's Wasabi Boy

  30. Johnson-Asher--female, any color, PP 8-16-20, Lansing, KS*

  31. Langwell--female, any color, PP 8-20-20, Lawrence, KS*

  32. DiStefano--either sex, any color, PP 8-20-20, Monument, CO*

  33. Carlson--either sex, parti color (Cavalier good too), Venmo 8-20-20, Lansing, KS*

  34. Lorch--male, red/apricot, Venmo 8-20-20, Fort Worth, TX*

  35. Morrow--female, open to, Venmo 8-23-20, Wichita, KS*

  36. Michaelis--open to sex and color, Venmo 8-24-20*

  37. DeYoung--male, red/white, Esther/Jack?, Venmo 8-25-20*

  38. Rohan--male, open to colors (likes bi/tri), Venmo 8-26-20

  39. T. Johnson--female, light apricot, cream/white, Venmo 8-27-20*

  40. Tomlin--female, b/w, cream/white, merle, PP 8-27-20*

  41. Mendez--male, red, PP 9-1-20, Menifee, CA*

  42. P. Parikh--male, red, Venmo 9-10-20, CA*

  43. Minor--female, small, Neely, Tilly, no black. PP 9-12-20*

  44. Feathers--female, any color but blenheim, OK*

  45. Fletcher--female, red, by March or April, Venmo 9-25-20

  46. Sperduto--female, small, Venmo, 9-29-20

  47. Ellis--female, merle, PP 9-30-20, Manila, AR--Pepper's Black Boy

  48. Montaquiza--female, red/apricot, Venmo 10-2-20

  49. Sion--male/female, red/apricot, Venmo 10-6-20, Brooklyn, NY

  50. O’Gorman--male, red/apricot, Venmo 10-8-20, Everette, MA

  51. A. Thomas--male or female, not all black or all white, PP 10-12-20, LA, CA

  52. Glaser--male, b/w, tri, merle, apricot, Venmo 10-13-20, San Fran, CA

  53. Hendy/Mann--2nd pup, female, parti (b/w, merle, red), white face, Venmo 10-14-20

  54. Transue--male/female--red w/ white chest, April/May 2021, Venmo 10-19-20

  55. Feder--female, red, Venmo 10-20-20, Gerrmantown, MD

  56. Topham--male, not all black, F1 or F1b, Venmo 10-26-20

  57. Clarkson--female, F1 or F1b, trii color, PP 10-29-20

  58. G. Lee--male, open to colors, Venmo 11-12-20

  59. C. Ross--female 1st, all black, Venmo 11-14-20, SF, CA

  60. Nussbaum--female, red with white, Venmo 11-14-20, NY, NY

  61. Jost--female or male, red 1st, open to others, Venmo 11-15-20,  Buhler, KS

  62. Everette--male, red w/ white or red/apricot parti, Venmo 11-15-20 KC, MO

  63. Hanna--female, open to colors, Venmo 11-15-20 Shawnee, KS

  64. B.Johnson (Cherice)--either sex, red/apricot w/ white chest, PP 11-16-20

  65. Ninesling--female, red/apricot, Venmo 11-18-20

  66. Brauer--male/female--red/apricot/cream, Venmo 11-18-20, Tappan, NY

  67. Mendez--either sex, breeding quality, red, PP 11-24-20, Bogota, Colombia

  68. Sturgeon--male, lighter color, (On Cavalier list too), Venmo 11-28-20, Bennington, NE

Lynn and Greg Stewart

Black Powder Farm

Fordland, MO 65652


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