Cavapoo Deposit List

Generally, our deposit list is about 1-6 months long. It really depends on what you are looking for, how picky you are, and what the girls have born. Right now we don't have many cavapoo litters, so it will likely be December 2021 before we have pups available for most people getting on the deposit list now.

**Remember, when it is your turn to pick, we need you to get back to us as quickly as possible since we have a lot of names to get through. I will usually contact you before it is your turn to pick, telling you that we are almost to your name. THAT is the time to start thinking about which pups you might like and asking questions. 

We will keep our up to date deposit list here so you can see who might be ahead of you and what they may be hoping for. Remember, no one is locked in to a certain litter, color or sex. Order of deposit takes precedence, though I do reserve the right to put breeders to the top since they have more specific requirements to meet. We go through the deposit list for each litter when they are 5-6 weeks old, after their first vet check. When it is your turn, you are able to choose from what is available, or wait for another litter. If you choose to pass and wait, you will remain on the list, and move up as people ahead of you choose a puppy. When someone chooses a puppy, I will put that in Bold behind their name, so you can see which pups have been chosen. They will stay on the list until around the time they leave for new homes, and then be removed. If I put an asteriks after the name, it means they have passed on whatever litter we are picking from currently (I usually don't remove them until I start picking from the next litter). A deposit is $250 and it goes towards the $2500 purchase price. If you'd like more information on how to put down a deposit, please contact me either via email or messenger and I'd be happy to go over it with you.

  1. Bramley--female, 2nd pup, red parti colors, Zelle, 06-02-20, CO*

  2. Hughes (Patterson)--female, red/apricot, Spring/Summer 2022  Venmo 06-03-20*

  3. W. Carter--female, Parti, 2nd pup, Summer 2022, PP 8-12-20, Denver, CO*

  4. P. Parikh--male, red, June 2022,  Venmo 9-10-20, CA*

  5. Clarkson--female, F1 or F1b, tri color,  PP 10-29-20*

  6. Mendez--either sex, breeding quality, red, Pepper's red boy, PP 11-24-20, Bogota, Colombia*

  7. Coopwood--male/female, red, Venmo 12-5-20, Austin, TX*

  8. Amezcua--male, red, Pebbles, Esther, Venmo 1-10-21, Centerton, AR*

  9. Hester--female, small, open to colors, PP 1-13-21, Lexington, KY*

  10. Saintsing--female, merle, blue eyed, PP 1-21-21, Thomasville, NC*

  11. Taggatz--female, red, Venmo 1-21-21, Stevens Point, WI--Jersey Pink Girl, Jingle

  12. Junger--female, red, Spring 2022, Venmo 1-28-21, Mission Hills, KS*

  13. Iger--male, open to colors, November, Venmo 3-27-21, NY*

  14. J.Kim--female, red, big, Rosa's, Venmo 4-7-21, Mountain View, CA--Rosa's yellow girl, Riley

  15. Skaggs--female, red, Hollie/Homer, 2nd pup, Venmo 5-10-21, KC*

  16. Little--Male, smaller, red, blck/white, 2nd pup, Zelle 5-12-21, Gulf Breeze, FL*

  17. Geesing--Female, small, Red, Red/white, tri, PP 5-26-21, Montrose, Columbus *

  18. Gall--female 1st, F1b, red, apricot Venmo 6-4-21, Fairway, KS*

  19. Horan--female, open to colors, Venmo 6-29-21, Elkhorn, NE*

  20. Johnson/Burrows--female, F1, any color, late Sept. take home, PP 7-7-21, OKC*

  21. J. Carter--either sex, red, blenheim, 2022, Venmo 8-30-21, Omaha, NE*

  22. Karr--either sex, black, chocolate, lt. apricot, Venmo 8-30-21, St. Peter, MN*

  23. K.Duong--male, red/apricot, 8-15 lbs, Venmo 9-2-21, Houston, TX--Jersey's Boy, John

  24. McCall--open to options, Dec. 2021?, Venmo 10-1-21, Olathe, KS*

  25. Minor--female, Fiona's F1b litter, 2nd pup, Venmo 10-1-21, Franklin, TN*

  26. Schurle--female, red, smaller, PP 10-1-21, Manhattan, KS--Duchess Boy,  Drake

  27. B. Woods--open to options, at least 20 lbs, Venmo 10-3-21,Bloomington, IL

  28. Gamewell--either sex, small, wavy coat, Venmo 10-3-21, Nashville, TN

  29. A. Boyce--female, red, smaller, Venmo 10-6-21, El Dorado, KS

  30. Kucharski--male, 20-30 lbs, Venmo 10-10-21

  31. E. Diaz--male, blue merle, Zelle, 10-12-21

  32. Shumkova--female, Venmo 10-19-21, Austin, TX

  33. Tisdale--female first, small, multi color, Chicago, IL

  34. C. Woods--female, small, black or dark, PP 10-23-21, Overland Park, KS

On Hold Deposits

these are people that have put down deposits but for one reason or another have put there deposit on hold. Deposits are good for as long as needed. Deposit price is locked in to the current puppy price for one year, but after a year, if still on hold, it will reflect the current price if it has changed.

  1.  A. Pennington--female, red/white, Will tell me when ready, PP 05-14-20

  2. Nutik--female, cream/white,  Zelle 05-28-20

  3. Bullock--red litters, will tell me when ready, PP 2/19/20

  4. Grupe--male, open to colors (not black), larger, will tell me when ready, Zelle,8-13-20, Medford, OR

  5. J. Carlson--either sex, parti color (Cavalier ok), Wait till 2022, Venmo 8-20-20, Lansing, KS

  6. Morrow--female, will tell me when ready, Cavalier ok, too. Venmo 8-23-20, Wichita, KS

  7. Michaelis--open to sex and color, will contact when ready, Venmo 8-24-20

  8. A. Thomas--male/female, Toy Poodle ok, not all black or all white, will let me know when ready, PP 10-12-20, LA, CA

  9. Sion--male/female, red/apricot,  Venmo 10-6-20, Brooklyn, NY

  10. Feder--female, red, Venmo 10-20-20, Gerrmantown, MD 

  11. Nussbaum--female, red with white, Venmo 11-14-20, NY, NY

  12. Brauer--male/female--red/apricot/cream, Venmo 11-18-20, Tappan, NY*

  13. Stolarun--male/female, apricot, blenheim, Venmo 1-13-21, E. Hampton, CT

  14. Dockery--male/female, tri, open to colors, Venmo 1-15-21

  15. B. Miller--open to sex/color, larger, good w/kids, PP 1-30-21, Woodbridge, CT, wait till 2022

  16. Alotaibi--either sex, apricot, red/white, PP 2-9-21, Saudi Arabia

  17. Plagman--open to sex and color, Venmo 5-8-21

  18. Spiehs--female, merle, Venmo 5-8-21, Doniphan, NE