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New Puppy Essentials

Just like bringing a new baby into your home, successfully introducing a new puppy into your family requires the right items. At Black Powder Farm, we believe that you should start training for healthy habits and good manners as soon as you bring your new canine family member into your home. We have compiled a list of some of the products that we think will help you achieve these goals.


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We all know that what we eat is important to health. At Black Powder Farms we feed Diamond Naturals to all of our dogs, big and small.  We love this brand because it produces a high quality feed, with good ingredients and consistent protein levels at a reasonable price. This puppy and small dog food is what our pups begin eating right along side mom when they start on solid food.

A soft baby blanket to let your puppy snuggle with is a perfect way help them feel warm and cozy when they can't be in your arms. We love the look and feel of this blanket, and we have them in all the colors. We recommend bringing along a blanket on pick up day and introducing it to your puppy while they are still in familiar settings, as this can help make the transition to your home easier.

Although good potty manners are somethings that our pups begin learning from their moms early on, mistakes still happen. These waterproof pads are excellent for covering furniture and rugs to prevent puppy pee from ruining anything. They are soft and comfortable for sleeping on but durable enough to be thrown in the washer and dryer to keep your home clean and fresh.

A good set of food and water bowls that aren't too big for your little pup and that won't tip or slide across that floor, make dinner time so much easier.  Being able to throw these bowls in the dishwasher is great for easy clean up. Puppies learn quickly with consistency; so using the same food, in the same bowls, in the same place, at the same times of day is a great way to set up good eating habits. 

This play yard is a perfect place for allowing  your little canine to roam and explore their new surroundings without requiring your constant supervision. The removable panels mean that you can start with a smaller enclosure and expand it as you pup grows. This yard can be set up inside or outdoors, although we don't recommend this plastic one for being left outdoors continually.

If getting your puppy outside to "do their business" is not always an option, this potty tray is a great solution. This gives your pup a very clear and specific place to use as a bathroom within your home helping to avoid any confusion in potty training. The  plastic tray allows you to use the disposable pads  below without having them all torn apart and without spreading the mess around.  We use these trays as the puppies are learning to potty train at Black Powder Farm.

Giving your puppy lots of fresh air and exercise is important. These outdoor yards are a great way to let them run free with no lead while they are outside without you.  They are easy to put together and move around but sturdy enough to stay outside in the weather. 

Your puppy will fall in love with this comfy bed and you will fall in love with the ease of washing and the adorable prints . It is small enough to fit well into you puppy's crate which will make them feel even happier to be in their safe place.

It is never too early to begin thinking about and working towards the behavior that you want to have in your canine family member.  Having a good book to read and refer back to can be very helpful. We appreciate Cesar Millan's practical and effective approach to dog training.

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