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Toys, Tricks, and Treats

There are needs and then there are wants,  but sometimes you just want to give your favorite canine something a little extra.

Who can resist giving them a tasty treat, an extra soft bed, or a fun new toy when they give you those puppy eyes?  

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We may be biased but we happen to love the name of these treats. However, that isn't the only thing that we appreciate about these nutritious and delicious freeze dried liver treats.  Our dogs love the taste of these tidbits and we love the amount that comes in each tub so we can hand them out generously. Check out the impressive ingredients and health benefits and you will feel great giving these to your pup.

You see a quality dental hygiene tool that  will improve your dog's breath and help reduce vet bills. Your dog sees a delicious chew snack that will keep them happily occupied for hours (well, maybe minutes for your more enthusiastic pups.)

We love to hand out Greenies to our adult crew.

Of course our dogs require a place to sleep and chances are they will want to right in the middle of your living space. Why not get them a bed so pretty that it will enhance your decor? However, this Paw Brand Orthopedic bed doesn't get by on its good looks alone; It is so incredibly comfortable that your kids might abandon the couch to cuddle with your pup. At least, that is what happens with our Paw Brand beds here at the farm.

We must confess that we are obsessed with Cowboy Magic ! We have used it for years with our pups after their baths and we love how soft, silky, and shiny this detangler makes them. Honestly, this might be the best kept secret of the equine world but we think it is worth sharing, I have even used it on my kids when they have tangles. 

Our little dogs are full of playful energy in between naps. Keeping them occupied with something fun to cart about, toss around, and chew on is always a helpful distraction from more mischievous pass times. We love having a basket full of toys available for them to choose from and the most popular toys seem to be these plush squeaky toys. This value bundles come with enough toys that your pup won't have to come whining to you when they lose their one toy under the couch. Remeber, though, to throw the toy out if they start pulling stuffing out of it.

This is not your everyday blow dryer. Once you start using this amazing grooming tool, you will never want to go back. No more trying to towel off  your soggy dog after a bath, before they make puddles through out your house. This heated dryer has the power to get even the thickest coat fully dry and fluffy in no time.  The varied tool ends give all sorts of options for different types of coats

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