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On Hold Deposits

these are people that have put down deposits but for one reason or another have put there deposit on hold. Deposits are good for as long as needed. Deposit price is locked in to the current puppy price for one year, but after a year, if still on hold, it will reflect the current price if it has changed.

  1.  A. Pennington--female, red/white, Will tell me when ready, PP 05-14-20

  2. Nutik--female, cream/white,  Zelle 05-28-20

  3. Bullock--red litters, will tell me when ready, PP 2/19/20

  4. Bramley--female, 2nd pup, red parti colors, Zelle, 06-02-20, CO

  5. Hughes (Patterson)--female, red/apricot, Venmo 06-03-20

  6. Grupe--male, open to colors (not black), larger, will tell me when ready, Zelle,8-13-20, Medford, OR

  7. J. Carlson--either sex, parti color (Cavalier ok), Wait till 2022, Venmo 8-20-20, Lansing, KS

  8. Morrow--female, will tell me when ready, Cavalier ok, too. Venmo 8-23-20, Wichita, KS

  9. Michaelis--open to sex and color, will contact when ready, Venmo 8-24-20

  10. P. Parikh--male, red,  Venmo 9-10-20, CA

  11. A. Thomas--male/female, Toy Poodle ok, not all black or all white, will let me know when ready, PP 10-12-20, LA, CA

  12. Sion--male/female, red/apricot,  Venmo 10-6-20, Brooklyn, NY

  13. Feder--female, red, Venmo 10-20-20, Gerrmantown, MD 

  14. Clarkson--female, F1 or F1b, tri color,  PP 10-29-20

  15. Nussbaum--female, red with white, Venmo 11-14-20, NY, NY

  16. Brauer--male/female--red/apricot/cream, Venmo 11-18-20, Tappan, NY

  17. Stolarun--male/female, apricot, blenheim, Venmo 1-13-21, E. Hampton, CT

  18. Dockery--male/female, tri, open to colors, Venmo 1-15-21

  19. B. Miller--open to sex/color, larger, good w/kids, PP 1-30-21, Woodbridge, CT, wait till 2022

  20. Alotaibi--either sex, apricot, red/white, PP 2-9-21, Saudi Arabia

  21. Iger--male, open to colors, November, Venmo 3-27-21, NY

  22. Plagman--open to sex and color, Venmo 5-8-21, Columbia, MO

  23. Spiehs--female, merle, Venmo 5-8-21, Doniphan, NE

  24. Seybold--either sex, b/w,  PP 1-30-22, Wichita, KS

  25. Wang--either sex, cream or red parti, small, 2-3-22, LA, CA

  26. Hewlett--male, B/T, Linsey's, Venmo 4-7-22, St. Mary's, IA

  27. D. Hill--open to sex & color, 15-20 lb, late May, Zelle 3-25-22, San Marcos, CA

  28. Glaser--male, 2nd pup, Fall, tri, b/w, on Cav list too, PP 4-16-22

  29. J.Lindstrom--F1bb? open to options, PP 6-9-22, Ozark, MO

  30. Brinkley--male, apricot/white, For parents Dazzle's, 2nd pup, Venmo 11-10-22, TN

  31. LeBoeuf--female, red/apricot, Venmo 11-3-22, St. Louis, MO (brought underbite pup back)

  32. Samaras--2nd pup, PP 12-31-22

  33. Kloepping--either sex, red, curly, Zelle, 2-3-23, Indian Trail, NC

  34. Tabbytite--female, red?, 2nd pup,  PP 6-14-23,

  35. Geesing--Female, small, Red, Red/white, tri,  September 2023, PP 5-26-21, Montrose, Columbus

  36. Callegan--female,  2nd pup, ND 1-30-22, On Hold, Baton Rouge, LA

  37. Baxter--female 1st, red/apricot, Cav look, On Hold, Zelle 11-20-22, NH

  38. H. Little--Male, smaller, red, 2nd pup, Zelle 5-12-21, Gulf Breeze, FL

  39. Walker--male, red or apricot w/ white, November, Venmo 12-21-22, CA

  40. N. Freeman--female, Hollie's litter?, F1, Zelle 10-16-23, Piedmont, OK

  41. Baltzell--female, red, Venmo, Venmo 5-28-23, Topeka, KS

  42. B. Folta--female, red w/white, after Christmas, Englishtown, NJ, Venmo 9-14-23

  43. Tom Martin--male, red, Feb., Venmo 10-14-23, KSC, MO via text

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